Italy Cruise

Italy Cruise

Hey guys!

My best friend Maddy and I went on a cruise! Here is what our trip looked like; 

Day One: Athens, Greece. We flew into Athens, I'm so sad that we didn't really get to see anything because we just went straight to the cruise ship! 

Day Two: Santorini, Greece. This was the day that I photographed a wedding (that is the main reason for traveling on the cruise)! It was such an amazingly beautiful wedding. 

Day Three: Sicily, Italy. After traveling and shooting the wedding in Santorini, our stop in Sicily was our first real day of the trip. It got off to kinda a rough start, to say the least. We were so so excited and we wanted to rent mopeds SO bad. All of the places were completely out of mopeds and we were so bugged because we needed to get up to the actual town where all the cute stuff was, and it was like a 15 minute ride! Then after trying for a while, we finally just decided to get a cab. One problem, we don't have cash. After walking around for what felt like forever, we realized, THERE WERE NO ATMS ANYWHERE. Somehow we finally scammed our way on to some bus that took us up to the town we wanted to go to, called Taormina. Once we got up there it was smooth sailing for the day. Cutest little town with so many little hidden gems. 

Day Four: Amalfi Coast, Italy. It was VERY humid in Amalfi, but wow those cliffs with the pastel colored buildings get you feeling some typa way. It was one of my favorite days of the trip, we walked up to this hotel to have a few drinks and a snack, the view was incredible. After, we walked around some of the shops, bought some swimsuits and decided to cool off in the ocean. 

Day Five: Rome, Italy. Oh, Rome. First off let me just start by saying I don't recommend trying to see all of Rome in about 7 hours. We literallllly ran everywhere, as you will see in the videos below! Looking back at it, it was such a fun memory to share with my best friend Maddy. Truly felt like I was in the Lizzie McGuire Movie. We started in the Vatican City, such a cool experience. Then we went to lunch, stopped by the Trevi fountain, and ended the day running around the colosseum. 

Day Six: Florence, Italy. This place looks straight out of another time era. The art and the architecture in Florence is beyond beautiful! We walked around a few museums there, and then we rented a go cart thing and drove around the whole city, ending at a view point that straight up looked like a painting. Obviously we listened to SZA the whole time. 

Day Seven: Nice, France. Our flight got delayed about a million times, and eventually got cancelled so we were stuck in Nice for a night. Not a bad place to get stuck, am I right? It was super chill, we walked to buy and pizza and ate it on the beach. We ended the night taking a bike tour around the city with the nicest guide! 

Day Eight: New York City. Soooo, our flight was delayed, AGAIN. So we missed our connecting flight in New York City, so we got stuck there for the night. Once again, not a bad place to get stuck! They put us up in a hotel near Times Square so we walked to get shake shack right when we got there. It rained the whole next day, but that didn't stop us. We pretty much walked around all of Manhattan in the pouring rain listening to "Come Clean" by Hillary Duff. It was iconic. A good way to end the trip! 

Hope you enjoy today's post, and make sure you don't forget to watch the video at the end of the post to see more of our adventures on the cruise.