Life Is Beautiful Festival '18

Life Is Beautiful Festival '18

Hey Guys!

I know, I know… this blog post is long overdue! BUT I’VE BEEN BUSY LET ME LIVE. Jk; but for real, these past few months have been so fun and so busy. In September my best friend Maddie and I went to a music festival we had never been to before called Life Is Beautiful. We hadn’t had a bestie weekend/trip that was just us two for way too long, so we were SO excited.

I don’t even know where to start… it was life changing! Something about being with your best friend, no cares in the world, just dancing for three days straight is so fun. Ya know? Like obviously? Everyone was there; from Odessa, Miguel, Florence + the Machine, Blood Orange, Lauv, The Weeknd, and so many more amazing artists. The festival is in old Downtown Las Vegas, which made it so fun cause it was literally in the streets! They shut down a big section of downtown and all the old motels and such become art installations you can walk through and all the neon signs say fun or motivational sayings, it was so cute. We stayed at the Golden Nugget because it was only like a two block walk away from the entrance of the festival which was GAME CHANGING to be able to just walk home at night. So much better than the shuttle/uber situation at Coachella.

For my first look I wore a super cool Gucci mask and socks with a monochromatic tan sweat suit, it was seriously so comfy. I highly recommend going to a music festival in sweatpants. For my second look, I wore these DOPE Diesel pants that were also so comfortable. I wore a cool headlight I got from target that turns red and blue and green, and lets just say it was a hit in the crowd. ALSO Maddie did matching blue eyeliner on us the second day and I was super nervous at first what people would think, but also ??? lets normalize men wearing makeup ??? because who cares ??? and its fun ??? and I loved it ??? and I looked good ??? Haha; all of my looks are linked below! The festival was three days, but the last day I left my point and shoot camera at the hotel and we just enjoyed the festival without worrying about taking photos; and I am so happy we did that the last day. Felt so good to unplug!

Will definitely be back next year, and will remember this weekend forever. Love my Maddie so much and I am thankful to have such an amazing friend like her!


Ty French